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Certificates of Engineering Projects

CHEC possesses the Power Construction Settings Certificate of Authorization, the Class-A Certificate of Consultant in Power, Transmission & Transforming, Environment Pollution Treatment Engineering and Fire Control and the A-class Supervisor Certificate of Authorization. CHEC has declared more than 50 patents of technology in power, environmental protection and mechanism, for example, the inside bypass conveyance system, the dry cinder-remover system and the power automation system.

CHEC has received the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certificates of authorization. It is one of the state-approved enterprises of high and the latest technology.

Certificates of Design Projects

CHEC possesses the state-granted Power Construction Setup Subsystem Design Certificate of Authorization, Ancillaries Design Certificate on the 200MW, 300MW and 600MW Thermal Power Units, Design Grade Certificate on Class-I and Class-II Pressure Containers, Class-A Design Certificate on Light Housing Trestlework and Design Certificate on Industrial & Civil Construction Projects, as well as the ASME-granted Certificate of Authorization on Boiler. CHEC treasures its design and manufacture capabilities. On the basis of systematic engineering designs, CHEC conducts the establishment of a joint design R&D center with many other design institutes. CHEC strives for complete contracts of projects involved in investigation, consulting, construction, design, equipment manufacture and supervision. Nowadays, CHEC has set up a machinery manufacture base on in Tianjin, guaranteeing the fulfillment of CHEC ' s strategic development programs.
The Quality System Certificate Of Registration
The Foreign Economic Cooperation Operation Certificate Of Authorization
Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate
ISO 14001 Certificate
The Class-A Project Consultant Certificate of Authorization
Class-A Design Certificate On Light Housing Trestle Work
The Asme-Granted Certificate Of Authorization of Boiler
Design Grade Certificate On Class-I And Class-II Pressure Containers