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China Huadian

Project Construction, Investment and O&M


Lafarge (Aceh Besar) Lafarge (Aceh Besar) : Under operation
Asahan Asahan : Under operation
Batam Batam : Under construction
Bali Bali : Under construction
Cirebon Indorama (Purwakarta, West Java) : Construction has been completed
Balikpapan Balikpapan : Bidding for the contract
Jakarta office Jakarta office  
Medan office Medan office  
We undertake EPC contract of power plant construction in Indonesia. Huadian’s International engineering construction was initialized in Indonesia and we always deem the country as our one of the most important markets. Indorama is our first project in Indonesia. As the growth of the market in Indonesia and the experience we accumulated, we undertaken another 2 projects, that is 2×90 MW hydro-power Station at Asahan, which is the second largest hydroelectric station in Indonesia and 2 ×16.5MW self-contained Power Plant at Aceh, which is the first time Huadian cooperated with foreign owner. Those two projects moved smoothly and the construction was near to the end. Recently, for broaden our market in Indonesia, we tendered for bidding and we won the bidding for 2 ×60MW hydro-power station in Batam which the construction of the project has been started.


  People’s Republic of China People’s Republic of China : 21 provinces
  Indonesia Indonesia : 3 power plant
  Cambodia Cambodia : 2 power plant
  Vietam Vietam : 1 power plant
  Romania Romania : CHEC’s Europe office
As one of the most 5 biggest electrical group corporation in China, China Huadian Corporation has total installed capacity of 80000MW in mainland of China by the end of the 2009. Our construction spread in 21 provinces and the installed capacity is still fast increasing. In recent years, our international market also has been successful developed; since we got high reputation and made some breakthrough in Indonesia. So we decided to go further than that. We have came into the market of Cambodia and Vietnam, and for long-term goal, we will spread our market to Europe, South American and Africa.

In 2010, CHEC’s Indonesia market gets further development. First of all, CHEC extend its scope of business by starting to invest construction of power plant. Project in Island Batam and Island Bali are the good trial for CHEC’s overseas investment. The business scope of CHEC in international market no longer limited in EPC contract, but also in some other areas. And it’s obvious that the extension will soon continue to some other industry. Second of all, operation of Lhoknga power plant maintain stable. Availability percentage of boilers and turbines always keep higher than 99%. Last but not least, CHEC’s Indonesia Company has recently been founded. It shows the recognition of senior leaders in CHEC to Indonesia market. And foundation of company will help out CHEC develop Indonesia market more quickly and efficient.