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Commencement Ceremony was held for Tanjung Kasam power plant in Batam island

Commencement ceremony was held for Tanjung Kasam 2×55MW coal-fired power plant which was invested jointly by CHEC(China Huadian Engineering Co.,Ltd), PT PUS and PLN on 31st Aug, 2010. Many senior officials and leaders attend the ceremony, including governor of Riau Archipelago Mr. Sani, President of CHD (China Huadian Corporation) Mr. Yun Gongmin and Business Counselor of Chinese Embassy Mr. Fang Qiuchen.

Commencement Ceremony Was Held for Tanjung Kasam Power Plant in Batam Island

Mr. Sani said that Riau Archipelago Province possesses abundant natural resource and Batam Island is a free-trade zone. All foreign corporations and companies who want to invest in the province are welcomed. Mr. Yun’s speech focused on continuous dedication of CHD for investing in Indonesia. Mr. Fang gave high appraise for CHD’s “going out” policy and hard working of CHD on infrastructure industry in Indonesia in his speech.

At the end of the ceremony, the leaders laid a foundation for the project. At the same time, fire crack was lit and many presses witness this historic moment by their cameras.