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Celebrate Chinese New Year

As the advent of Chinese New Year’s coming, Lafarge project of CHEC held many celebrate activities in there living complex. Let’s check it out how fun and happy they were.

It’s 6:00 pm on the 13th February, only 6 hours from the coming New Year. Once we walked into Huadian’s living complex, we can find it extraordinary crowded! We can hear the firecrackers sound everywhere and you can’t hear other people talking even if you are so close to them. Spring Festival scrolls are hanged up the wall everywhere. You may feel weired why some of the scrolls with Chinese character”FU” which means felicity were put upside down. It’s actually one cultural convention of Chinese people. Cause in Chinese pronunciation, “reserve” and “coming” sounds alike, so reversed”FU” means felicity will coming the next year. So fun, ah? Look into the kitchen, all the staff are making dumplings, which is one of the traditional food for Chinese New Year. The cooks, who was the focus, is now seriously preparing New Year’s Eve dinner. Although much of the sweat is getting from their bodies, they seem so happy. Cause it’s the most important night for Chinese people.

One hour later, all the dishes are ready to serve. I have to say, if you were there, with 100%, you’d crazy for all of this Chinese food. And it’s sure at that moment they probably are the happiest people in the world. They look back their whole year’s hard working, they toast each other for welcoming the New Year, they taste the delicious food, and they are having fun on their own.

After the desirable dinner, they watch Spring Festival Evening together; the show which holds by CCTV (Chinese Central Television Station) every year is the necessary for most of the Chinese family in the New Year’s Eve. The show was grand, the stage was incredible and the performance was always touching their heart. It should be the assemble night of the whole family, but they have to stay in the foreign land for their work. They can’t help missing their family, their hometown, and their motherland. The biggest night of the year is also a tough moment for them to get through. But they always put smile on their faces. It really shows their struggling character and braveness. They are setting a good example far away from their hometown.

 As the bell of the New Year was beaten, they all went out to celebrate this unique and unforgettable moment, they lit up more firecrackers and talk and laugh, and the New Year’s atmosphere are getting to the boiling point. They shake hands with others for appreciating being supportive last year. They also toast each other for looking forward the next year’s hard working. At that moment, they became one big family and it’s obvious that they made this traditional festival new again. For the greatest spirit delivered by those common people would always stay in the heart of other human being.