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China Huadian

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Struktur Organisasi

Functional Department   Operational Company
 General Manager Coordinating Office   Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
 Human Resource Dept.  
Water Treatment Engineering Company
Marketing Dept.  
Environmental Protection Company
Engineering Managerment Dept.  
Power Plant EPC Company
Finance Dept.  
Overseas Projects Company
Corporate Culture Dept.  
Huadian New Energy Technology Development Company.
Audit & Supervision Dept.  
Huadian Engineering Design Institute
Development &Strategy Planning Dept.    
Technical Management Dept.    
Asset Management Dept.    
Wholly Owned Subsidiary
SP Machinery Design & Research Institute
SP Product Quality Standard Research Institute
Huadian Zhengzhou Machinery Design & Research Institute
Beijing ZhongGuang Electrical Equipment Co.
Xiamen Clean Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.
Holding Company   Joint Stock Company
Huadian Environmental Protection System Engineering Co., Ltd.   Huadian Tendering Co., Ltd.
Huadian Water Treatment Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd.   Huaxin Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.
Huadian Piping Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.   Beijing Huaxin Insurance Assessment Co., Ltd.
Huadian Assets Management Co., Ltd.   Huadian Financial Co., Ltd.
Beijing Huadian Engineering Co., Ltd.   China Huadian New Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Huadian Caofeidian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.   China Electric Power Financial Co.
Huadian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.   Shanghai Zhongdian Economic Development Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Huadian Steel Structure Co., Ltd.   Foster Wheeler Power Machinery Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Huasheng Treatment of Hyperlink Sewage Co., Ltd.   Howden Hua Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Siemens High Voltage Circuit Breaker Co., Ltd.
    ABB Huadian High Voltage Switchgear(xiamen) Co., Ltd.
    Tianjin Harbor Bulk Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd.