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China Huadian

About Us

Business Scope

  • Manufacture, equipment supply technology control, design optimization and project contracting of fossil power plants, hydroelectric power stations, wind power, biomass power, solar power, combined cooling heating and power systems.
  • System engineering and main contractor in dock, power station and grain material; Piping for fossil power plant, hydroelectric power plant, nuclear power, heating, water supply, sewage system, petrochemical, natural gas; Engineering, manufacturing, general contractor of heavy machinery, wind power equipments, industrial and civil steel structure project.
  • Complete contracts of environmental protection projects involved in desulfurization, denitration, dust and cinderremover; Research, engineering and main contractor of power station water treatment, industrial waste water treatment, city sewage treatment, and relative investment.
  • Power plant operation, technical supervision; import, cooperate, generalization and application of advanced technology and safety economy technology.